Sunday, June 2nd: 1-4:30pm

We enable children to become safe, confident, life-long cyclists.

Why offer the student bike training course?

Cycling Into The Future promotes the love of biking among Grade 5 students. We believe that cycling makes our world a better place.   It can improve our personal lives, enhance our communities and protect our earth.   Through a series of challenges, we seek to build knowledge, skill and confidence in students, so they can become safe and enthusiastic cyclists. We invite all students to participate in this training. Special learn-to-ride instruction is provided to students who do not know how to ride a bicycle. We will give refurbished bikes and new helmets to students who cannot afford them. Schools will help families pay registration fees, if necessary.

Interested in having your school participate? Contact us

To find out more about our organization, mission, history and staff, Please visit the Our Program section.