CITF also counts on partners.  Many, many partners!  

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We could not run this program without the support of principals, teachers and parents at participating schools. We also receive enthusiastic support and funding from municipal and regional governments.

We have an amazing team of over 50 instructors who work in all the program modules.

Many local bike shops provide mechanics, materials or sponsorships for local schools.  

Individuals and businesses contribute money and practical support to insure that our program is affordable for everyone. With the help of many, we can give refurbished bikes and new helmets to kids who cannot otherwise afford this important equipment.  

School Board Partners

We work with schools in both Public and Catholic school boards to provide quality programming to students. We would not be able to reach so many kids without the support of teachers and principals who provide facilities and logistical support for this program.

Municipal Partners

Cycling Into The Future recieves funding from the Region of Waterloo as well as every municipality we work in (the City of Kitchener, the City of Cambridge, the City of Waterloo, and Woolwich Township). The Region of Waterloo funds $2 for every student trained while the municipaliteis fund $10 for every student in their city/township. Municipalities also provide bells to give to participants.

Jumpstart Partnership

Since 2018 Cycling Into The Future has worked with Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart charity to make our program more accessible to families. At elegible schools, Jumpstart will pay all or a portion of the registration fee as well as providing new bikes and helmets from Canadian Tire to any students who do not already have them.

2018/2019 SPONSORS

Frame Sponsors (Contributions of $10,000 and over) :


Wheel Sponsors (Contributions of $2,000 - $10,000) :


CHAIN Sponsors (Contributions of $500 - $2,000) :

PeDAL Sponsors (Contributions up to $500) :