Cycling into the Future was founded by Philip Martin and run by an enthusiastic team of coordinators. 

Philip Martin-Executive director and Founder

There is no place Philip Martin would rather be than outdoors.  He loves cycling, kayaking, birdwatching and just hanging out along the Grand River.  

Now retired, Philip spent 31 years as a teacher with the Waterloo Region District School Board encouraging elementary school students to be engaged citizens who want to explore, ask questions and speak out about what they are learning.

A bicycle opens up thousands of opportunities for excitement and discovery when the roads are shared wisely, Philip says. Ten-year-old children who learn to ride well, grow in confidence, independence and their connection with the natural world. 


If there is an errand to run, Colleen prefers to leave the car in the driveway and take her bike instead. 

Colleen ensures Cycling Into The Future activities run smoothly at Waterloo schools. When she was a public health nurse with the Region of Waterloo, Colleen’s responsibilities included promoting road safety. But she saw a gap in cycling education that she’s now able to fill by sharing her skills as a road-wise cyclist. Active transportation, Colleen says, boosts health, does wonders for the environment and builds a sense of independence.


Putting it mildly, Kyle is an enthusiastic cyclist. His tires have rolled over roads in British Columbia, Great Britain and Waterloo Region. 

Kyle looks after Cycling Into The Future activities at Kitchener schools, where he has developed a knack for remembering the first names of many — if not all — of the students involved in the CITF program. Cycling, he says, fires the imagination and introduces new ways of seeing the world. Kyle brings that sense of wonder to his roadside safety lessons when he takes students out for a ride.


It's just around Grade 5 that kids start thinking about bikes as handy transportation instead of toys to play with, says Jeff Evans. That's why Cycling into the Future is so well timed.

Jeff builds connections with Cambridge schools. He and his wife Leigh Hobson (Canadian Olympic cyclist, Beijing, 2008) are ~ pardon the understatement ~ experienced long-haul riders. Their accomplishments include an around-the-world adventure that began in 2014. "My bike is my church; the bars my altar, the wind my choir, the map my bible, the ride my sermon,” Jeff says. Now that’s commitment.